SideShaper Pro Upgrade


Upgrade your SideShaper to a SideShaper Pro which includes everything shown plus a ten year full replacement warranty!

Resistance Bands
The Resistance Bands attach to your SideShaper and let you adjust the resistance level on each slide. Use them to increase or decrease intensity between difficulty levels and improve your workouts.

Fitness Mat
The fitness mat protects your floors from friction and keeps your SideShaper from sliding during intense workouts. It's also great for other physical activities like Yoga, pushups, or traditional crunches and situps.

Workout Video
Maximize the results of your time on the SideShaper with easy to follow routines.

Workout Poster & Nutrition Guide
Motivation, focus, and the right way to eat to maintain toned abs.

Ten Year Warranty
Extends the factory SideShaper warranty with our ten year guaranteed replacement plan. Covers the following:

  • All parts and labor for covered repairs.
  • A hassle-free claims process.
  • Full replacement of your SideShaper in the event an individual part cannot be replaced or repaired.
  • Covers mechanical, electrical, and structural failures.

This item cannot be purchased separately.