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Turn that crunch upside down!

Turn that crunch upside down! That’s what lots of fitness bloggers are telling you to do and they claim it is the secret to getting that 6 pack. Well, we’ve heard that one before….but what is “the secret” this time??

The truth is... there really isn’t a shortcut, as great abs require a combination of two basic things: reducing body fat and building that pesky abdominal muscle… Reducing body fat? We know how that goes- lay off the late night pizza and try to eat things that look green-ish!

But when it comes to building abdominal muscles you can do all sorts of things- standard sit ups or crunches. But crunches and sit ups put a lot of pressure on your neck and back which can be painful. A good option touted by a recent Harvard Medical report is to hold your body weight and plank.

and then, I found this...

An invention that has sold millions of pieces in Europe and is now getting a lot of attention in the US- it is called the Sideshaper. It claims to get to get you off the floor and combines the power of a plank with a crunch- drawing your knees up to your chest inversing the crunch. No doubt it works and its tough but you can calibrate it to three different fitness levels- beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Athena (a 18 yr old dancer) says- “Combining a plank with a crunch is really good and this swivels from one side to the other to hit my obliques”

Professional Fitness Trainer Santi, 32, says- “I tried it myself first- and I loved it because it extends the crunch without putting pressure on your neck. I’ve actually bought one for myself and use when I train my clients now”

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